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Prosthodontic Procedure: Partial Dentures

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Partial Dentures Prosthodontic Case: Deborah (before and after)

A removable partial denture is one commonly used prosthesis designed to replace multiple missing teeth. This problem allows the remaining natural teeth to drift into unoccupied adjacent areas, which changes the bite and creates spaces where food accumulates resulting in decay, periodontal bone loss and bad breath. A removable partial denture is usually constructed of acrylic resin supported by a metal framework that includes metal clasps to provide retention with the adjacent teeth. In contrast to fixed partial dentures (bridges), removable partial dentures are inserted and removed by the patient on a daily basis to facilitate oral hygiene procedures.

Often dental implants can be placed in the position of the missing teeth in order to provide stability and retention. Mechanical attachments are incorporated into the implants and partial dentures. This treatment option provides a great result with an excellent long term prognosis.

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